Abruzzo cheeses direct sale

vendita_diretta_formaggi_abruzzo_italy_eat_foodThe Abruzzo cheeses direct sale has been specially created to create direct contact between Abruzzo cheese factories and consumers so that they can buy cheeses without any passage. Virtually like the old direct selling of a time when we went directly to Abruzzo dairies to buy only cheeses that can now be done online.


Abruzzo cheeses online sale for us are the same as the Abruzzo cheeses direct sale, as we understand it without brokering costs. The same is true for Abruzzo cheeses online sale if this happens at Abruzzo dairies sites but if this happens outside the thing changes. Many sites were born with the aim of acting as intermediaries between Abruzzo cheese factories and consumers by applying brokerage costs. these costs consequently fall on both Abruzzo cheeses makers and consumers. Instead, we want to create a line between producers and consumers, creating Abruzzo cheeses direct sale without any brokering costs.

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