Alcamo Syrah direct sale

vendita_diretta_alcamo_syrah_italy_eat_foodThe Alcamo Syrah direct sale was created to enhance this beautiful red wine produced in Sicily by Alacamo Syrah Doc producers. Alcamo Syrah is produced mainly in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. Being a very sought after wine not only from the local population, we also wanted to sell Alcamo Syrah by the Alcamo Syrah producers by creating two special categories: Alcamo Syrah online sale and Alcamo Syrah direct sale.


The online sale of Alcamo Syrah for us is the same as Alcamo Syrah's direct sale without requiring any brokerage costs on our site. Same thing happens with Alcamo Syrah online sale if this sale takes place at the sites of Alcamo Syrah producers. While the Alcamo Syrah online sale is made on other sites, the thing changes because this sale is subject to brokerage costs. These costs sometimes reach up to 50% of the cost of the product. This commission automatically falls on both Alcamo Syrah producers and consumers. With our Alcamo Syrah direct sale there are no brokerage costs unlike the Alcamo Syrah online sale on other sites.

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    VINI CASSARA’ is located in Alcamo, a city with a great wine-making tradition. It is known to the public for the production of White. Here the company CassarĂ  produces passionately authentic Sicilian wines. In the northwest coast of Sicily, a few kilometers from Segesta and in the production hills of Alcamo Doc, where the vineyards […]