Artisanal gelato Novara

Artisanal_gelato_Novara_italyeatfoodThe artisanal gelato in Novara is something very sought after and appreciated. Now the search, when you want to eat a good ice cream, is to find ice cream parlors, in this case ice cream parlors in Novara, which produce an artisan ice cream. An ice cream that is not only refreshing and pleasant to taste. We search for an ice cream produced with healthy and genuine ingredients. There are very few ice cream parlors nowadays that produce ice cream with preparations or sachets.


The customers has become very demanding and now the ice cream is produced with fresh, high quality ingredients. In fact, ice cream parlors such as Grom are taking hold using exclusively fresh and quality products. As a result, the consumer appreciates and returns. Apart from ice cream parlors such as Grom, which are franchised ice-cream parlors, there are an infinity of artisan ice-cream shops that produce excellent quality ice-creams. In this case we want to emphasize the Novara ice cream.

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    Il GELATIERE is located in Novara and produces excellent homemade ice cream. Here we enter the Bottega delle Meraviglie, as nothing is as you expect it. Every time the Novara ice cream maker succeeds in surprising us with tastes which it is impossible to renounce. A homemade ice cream parlor from Novara that offers a […]