Bergamo goat cheese producers

Bergamo_goat_cheese_producers_italy_eat_foodThere are several Bergamo goat cheese producers for this reason we have created a special section to enhance those Bergamo cheese factories and the Bergamo valleys that produce excellent cheeses. Moreover, not all Bergamo dairies are involved in goat cheese production. For this reason, we wanted to highlight the Bergamo goat cheese producers and give it the opportunity to be found by those who are interested in buying goat's cheese.


Goat cheese producers in Bergamo with goat's milk produce different types of cheeses: from those fresh to seasoned with different flavors based on how goats are fed. We wanted to do something more and we included other sections devoted to goat cheese sales. We have called them online sale goat cheese and direct sale goat cheese for those who are not in the vicinity and want to take advantage of these excellent cheeses. For those close to Bergamo an avail of the direct sale of goat cheese Bergamo and go directly to the cheese factory Bergamo to buy goat cheese or go to the Bergamo goat cheese producers.

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    LATTERIA SOCIALE MONTANA is located in Vilmaggiore in the lush Valle di Scalve, which is located in the province of Bergamo. Here is produced the well known Val di Scalve cheese, as well as the tasty Stocchi di Scalve. An artisanal production of cheese that began in 1968. When we speak about an unique cheese, genuine and […]