Bio wine producers

Bio wine producers are those Italian wine producers who have converted their land to organic farming. This is the key element to be cataloged as organic farming. But that is not enough. There are many ways for a winery to become a producer of organic wines. In addition to soil that must not be fertilized with chemicals for years, no chemical insecticide should be used. Washing of bottles, all machines and utensils must also be done without any chemicals.


Wineries that deal with organic wine production can not self-certify or declare that they produce organic wine. In order to do this you have to rely on an agency that deals with these certifications. So the organic wine producers you will find inside this section are all bio certificates.

The demand in recent years of organic wines is greatly increasing for this we decided to give room to organic wine producers.

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    DUCA CARLO GUARINI, a farm with almost 1000 years of food and wine history in Salento. Here are produced the best wines of Salento, including the well-known wine called Primitivo. The fundamental characteristic that distinguishes the Guarini wines from others, is that of possessing a strong personality as well as being authentic wines. They are […]