Cabernet Franc direct sale

vendita_diretta_cabernet_franc_italy_eat_foodThe Cabernet Franc direct sale takes place mainly in the provinces of Pordenone and Udine where the Cabernet producers produce this excellent wine. Cabernet Franc is often confused with Cabernet Sauvignon. Great French wine is produced with excellent results also in this area. Cabernet Franc's direct sale as we mean it is exactly like the direct sale that took place when you came to Cabernet Franc producers and bought the wine without brokering. Today, this can be done comfortably online from home without going to the same location.


The Cabernet Franc online sale you can find on the Web is not always the same as the Cabernet Franc direct sale. If the Cabernet Franc online sale takes place at the Cabernet Franc producer sites, the thing is the same but if this happens at other sites, the situation changes. Many sites recently born on the internet are dealing with mediation between Cabernet producers and consumers. They rightly ask for a percentage for brokerage that sometimes reaches 50% of the cost of the product. This cost is consequently on both Cabernet Franc producers and consumers. This is the simple difference. With direct sale Cabernet Franc you can buy your wine without intermediaries.

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