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vendita_diretta_vino_ciro_italy_eat_foodThe section includes both the best Calabria wine producers and the Calabria wine sale to provide you with easy research in order to find Calabria's wineries and the best Calabrian wines. Great space is dedicated to selling Calabria wines divided into two parts: the online sale Calabria wines and the direct sale Calabria wines. This idea originates from the desire to help our made in Italy to make it reach where it is not accessible and to give greater survival to those who daily dedicate to preserving the traditions and culture of our territory.


The online sale Calabria wines is the one that comes from home without going to the place to buy. We mean it as direct sale or without any pass or brokerage but made online. The online sale you can find on non-Calabria wine producers is not always the same as direct selling. This sale is subject to brokerage costs that these sites rightly require. This cost applies both to Calabria wine producers and to consumers. With our online sale wines Calabria, Calabria's wine producers can sell their wines at no cost.

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    AZIENDA VINICOLA ZITO has the merit of being among the prestigious Zito wine producers. The wine cellar has been producing wine for four generations and is located in the CirĂ² area. Here we believe and work in respect of the territory and focus on the excellence of the grapes, so they are scrupulously selected The art […]