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Manufacturers capersCapers producers, this includes the cultivation of the caper and its processing. capers in olive oil with capers in salt or all of its possible workings. The most famous Italian Capers are the capers from Pantelleria IGP. Capers manufacturers Pantelleria capers as manufacturers Salina constantly working for the production of capers in this territory sunburnt. The sale of these capers mostly takes place locally. Lately you can also find them online. The sale takes place primarily with these capers preserved in salt, vinegar.


The capers from Pantelleria are very tasty and large, and are sought after around the world. High capers produced in southern Italy and the islands are of high quality and can be found in specialty shops, stalls or online.

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    Farm Cappero Matto brings with it more than a century of experience, passion and dedication in the agricultural sector. And it is precisely for this reason that he decides to create a new production in 2016; that of the Caper. The caper plant is absolutely one of the symbols of Sicily. The south-east of Sicily, […]

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    AZIENDA AGRITURISTICA AL CAPPERO, is located in the island of Salina (Is. Aeolian), in the town of Malfa, Pollara. Small village of about 70 inhabitants, located in an old volcanic crater of which is half sunk in the sea. The main source of income is derived from agriculture, especially the cultivation of the caper. The […]