Casera direct sale

vendita_diretta_casera_italy_eat_foodCasera direct sale only take place in the dairies in Valtellina and is produced with semi-skimmed raw milk and is matured in the cellar. The Casera is definitely one of the most important cheeses produced in Valtellina. In this regard, in this section we will deal with Casera producers and Casera sale in all its forms.


Both the Casera direct sale and the Casera online sale that you find on this site are the same thing, ie a sale without any transfer or intermediation. Exactly like the direct sale that took place a while when we went to the Casera producers directly. Now all this can be done online here or on the Casera producers' websites. In fact the Casera online sale that is proposed through the Casera producers' websites is exactly the same thing. But if this Casera online sale takes place on non-Casera producers' sites, the thing is very different. It 's different because here are required commissions or interediazioni that go to fall on both the producers of Casera and consumers. Casera online sale and Casera direct sale on this site do not apply any brokerage costs.

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    STELLA OROBICA is located in Sondrio, and here are processed the best cheeses of Valtellina. The dairy has always offered the excellence of its cheeses respecting the Valtellina traditions. The company Stella Orobica is also a farm that operates in compliance with the Valtellina traditions. To know that there is a breeding of dairy cows. […]