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chocolate_producers_italy_eat_foodList of the best Italian chocolate producers, chocolate processing is an art in Italy and we have hundreds of typologies of this. Chocolate makers have passed on secrets of generations for generations to create an Italian excellence of this product. In addition to this, the Italian inventive has been able to create innovations in this field as well. This gives life to some very special chocolates. Every chocolate has its flavors and fragrances that can not be copied to the world.


Chocolate is obtained from the seeds of the cocoa plant. From the cocoa paste that is derived from these seeds are then added flavors to create the chocolate. Chocolate in the Italian pastry is used as an ingredient for so many preparations. From ice-cream pies and biscuits. Some current thinking that excessive and prolonged use of chocolate creates dependency.

In Italy, over the years, geographic areas have developed where chocolate production has become a prevalent activity. Consequently, in these areas, trade shows have started to take place where chocolate producers make their new products known. Among them we have the CiocclaTò in Turin where the famous Gianduiotto has come to life. Nougat and Eurochocolate in Perugia, home to the famous Perugina. Choccobarocco is a modest homeland of the famous chocolate modicano. Other manifestations of this kind in Italy.

Italian chocolate makers have always dreamed of big and small. In addition to many big chocolate producing companies in Italy, there are so many other companies that can produce some chocolate by searching for ingredients to combine. Some chocolates are made with spices and spices that we would not even have imagined once. Among these we can think of chocolate with chili or saffron.

Chocolate is in many forms and types, our advice is to look at the actual percentage of cocoa in the label. This is vital to knowing whether it is of good quality chocolate or of poor quality.

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    CIOCCOLATERIA VETUSTA NURSIA located in Via Della Stazione in Norcia in the province of Perugia where you can buy high-quality chocolate in different variations in multiple objects from classic Santa Claus chocolate up to Easter egg and other items always consist of great chocolate of first choice. One of the chocolatiers chraft shop of Norcia […]