Direct ham sale

vendita_diretta_prosciutto_italy_eat_foodDirect ham sale takes place in many Italian regions directly in Italian prosciuttifici, in Italian salumifici and Italian porchettifici. Surely the most famous sales are the direct sale San Daniele ham and the direct Parma ham sale but there are lots of prosciuttifici scattered for Italy that produce excellent ham, salami and porchetta. Prosciutics are not very often devoted solely to the production of hams but they also produce salami and pork.


The direct sale ham we treat in this section is not the classic sale as mentioned above. This is a direct online sale. That is, we want to make contact with the consumer as if it were personal contact but online. It is not the classic e-commerce cart where the holder of the platform retains or imposes percentages. We do not have any percentage that we both make the producer and the consumer buy and sell at a fair price without brokering. We believe that with this kind of direct ham sale we can help our made in Italy to continue to be.

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA CIRENAICA MILANO is a succulent farm with low environmental impact. All salami are made without powdered milk and gluten. They are also hand-crafted in natural gut and without the use of genetically modified organisms. For 20 years, this farm in Milan has been engaged in the production of heavy pigs. They are intended […]