Direct sale Basilicata cheeses

direct_sale_Basilicata_cheeses_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Basilicata cheeses and Lucan cheeses is dedicated to the Lucan cheeses producers who are involved in this section selling their cheeses. We have given the producers Lucania cheeses to know the quality and quality of these. There are many types of cheese produced in Basilicata and we want to give space to each inside this section.


The direct sale Basilicata cheese, as we mean it is the direct sale of a time but made online. Direct sales came from the casaro to buy cheeses without any brokering. Very similar to the Basilicata cheeses online sale if it is made directly to the manufacturer's website otherwise it is likely to have increased prices due to brokering. Within this section we will treat each and every individual cheese individually with its producers and their sales types.

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