Direct sale Campania cheeses

vendita_diretta_formaggi_campania_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Campania cheeses occurs very often in the dairies of Campania. The cheeses of Campania are typical Italian products very sought after. Among them perhaps the mozzarella campana is the best known. In addition to the Campania mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella, this region produces other excellent cheeses such as caciocavallo, provolone and excellent scamorza. In this section we will talk about the Campania cheese producers and the Campania cheese sale.


For direct sale Campania cheeses we mean the sale that takes place directly in the Campania dairies or from the Campania cheese producers. This sale is now also possible online at this site. It is a sale without commissions or intermediation. The online sale Campania cheese if it happens on the sites of the Campania cheese factories or the Campania cheese producers is the same thing as direct sales. But if this sale happens on other sites, it changes. Change because these sites often ask for a percentage on sales. As a consequence, this cost falls on the producers of Campania cheeses or Campania dairies and on consumers. With the online sale Campania cheeses that we offer here, calling it direct sale Campania cheese, there are no intermediation costs.

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