Direct sale Ciliegiolo di Narni

vendita_diretta_ciliegiolo_di_narni_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Ciliegiolo di Narni is the sale that the producers Ciliegiolo di Narni in Umbria do when you go to them to buy their wine. Now this sale through this site can take place online. Ciliegiolo is an original vine of Tuscany, but it has graced well in other regions. In Umbria the production of this red wine is lush.


The online sale Ciliegiolo di Narni happens very often in the sites of the producers Ciliegiolo di Narni and in this case is the same as our direct sale Narni Ciliegiolo. That is, a direct sale between producer and consumer without any brokerage that would raise prices. If Narni's Ciliegiolo online sale happens on other sites, this may change for both Narni's Ciliegiolo producers and consumers. Brokerage rates are required to fall on both producers and consumers. With our direct sale Narni Ciliegiolo, the Ciliegiolo producers of Narni can finally sell their wines at no extra cost.

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    CANTINE SANDONNA is born from the passion for wine, a passion that has been handed down from generation to generation. In this cellar stand two important wines, the Ciliegiolo wine of Narni and the wine Grechetto. The history of the Paciacconi family together with that of wine dates back to the 1960s. In the years, the […]