Direct sale Colli Trasimeno Red

vendita_diretta_colli_trasimeno_rosso_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Colli Trasimeno Red is dedicated to the Umbria wine producers who produce this red wine called Colli Trasimeno Red. The Colli Trasimeno Red is produced mainly in the province of Perugia and in neighboring municipalities. In this section we deal with the Colli Trasimeno Red sale as intended as Colli Trasimeno Red direct sale as well as Colli Trasimeno Red online Sale.


The Red Colli Trasimeno online sale if it is made in the Colli Trasimeno Rosso producers sites is exactly the same because neither of the two sales involves a price increase due to the brokerage cost that many sites apply. The direct sale Colli Trasimeno Red to this site happens as it happened a while when we went directly from Colli Trasimeno Red producers without any passage or brokering. This is our online sale Colli Trasimeno Red and we believe that implementing this kind of sale can help our made in italy.

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    AGRARIA CARINI VINI IGT UMBRIA, produces the most representative wine, Umbria Rosso IGT Tegolaro. The Agraria Carini company from 2016 can enjoy the Biological brand, as well as on oil, also on wine. This year a new wine is offered for the rosé the Cupe. A rosé made exclusively with the native vine of Lake […]