Direct sale fruit in syrup

vendita_diretta_frutta_sciroppata_italy_eat_foodDirect sale fruit in syrup is mostly done at Italian farms that in addition to growing fruit from which they get delicious jams and marmalades are also involved in selling fruit in syrup. Fruit in syrup is an old and very effective system for preserving fruit that is globally appreciated for its freshness and genuineness. Within the fruit in syrup category we will deal with both fruit-in-syrup producers and the various sale types of fruit in syrup.


Direct sale canned fruit is not always the same thing as online sale fruit in syrup. Direct sale is the sale that takes place personally by the fruit producers in syrup to buy fruit in syrup without any intermediation. Now this sale is possible here also online and we will call it both direct sale fruit in syrup and online sale fruit in syrup. The fruit in syrup sale online that is proposed on the sites of fruit producers in syrup is exactly the same as it has no passage. But if the fruit in syrup sale online takes place on other sites it is very different. It is different because these sites ask a percentage for intermediation which consequently falls on both fruit in syrup producers and on consumers. We would like to point out that here both in the online sale fruit in syrup and in direct sale fruit in syrup bought directly from the producer without brokerage costs.

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    FLORICOLTURA ARCHIMEDE produces jams of fruit and vegetables as well as fruit in syrup. The Frutti del Sasso Poiano are handcrafted. To know that all the raw material comes from its own plants.. And it is precisely that orchard that started the company, which in 2006, the Torresan brothers, spurred on by father Ugo, began […]