Direct sale giant olives

direct_sale_giant_olives_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale giant olives was dedicated to Giant olives producers of Cerignola to enhance this type of particulate olives. Direct sale giant olives are many times different from the online sale giant olives. Direct selling as we mean it is exactly like the old direct sale where it was directly from the manufacturer to buy the products without intermediaries. The only difference now, with new technologies, can be done directly from home without going to the place.


The online giant olives sale if it is made by the same manufacturer through its e-commerce site is exactly the same thing. In this case, the consumer buys directly from the producer without any intermediation. But if online sale giant olives is made through a non-proprietary external site, the thing changes considerably. These e-commerce sites in which producers place their products on sale apply brokerage and management costs. Sometimes these deliver up to 50% of the cost of the product. As a result, these costs lie both on the producer and on the consumer. With our direct sale this does not happen we do not apply any brokerage cost. We believe that with this direct sale online giant olives we can help our Made in Italy to spread.

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    MARIO BRANDI OLIVE GIGANTI CALABRIA rises in the flourishing plain of Sibari, Here are produced high quality olives. The varieties in which the company specializes are the Bella of Cerignole and Calcidia. To date, they are the best producers of giant olives in Italy. The Mario Brandi Farm, after years of experimentation coupled with its […]