Direct sale Goji berries

vendita_diretta_bacche_di_goji_italyeatfoodGiven the great demand we decided to create a section dedicated to direct sale Goji berries. This was due to countless phone calls asking us where to buy Goji plants or where to find certified organic Goji berries. For this reason we have created this section in order to put producers in contact directly with consumers to get the best price Goji berries, a high quality and a certain provenance.


Our novelty is the creation of direct sale Goji berries which is very often very different from the online sale of Goji berries. Direct sale means that sale between producer and consumer without any intermediation guaranteeing the price of Goji berries net. Now this sale, which once happened in person, can be done online. The online sale Goji berries found on Goji producers' websites is the same thing because there are no passages or fees due. In contrast, when you find products made with Goji berries on other sites, Goji berry online sale are subject to price variations due to brokerage rates that fall on both producers and consumers. In this site both the direct sale of Goji berries and the online sale of Goji berries are the same thing, ie without any intermediation.

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    14BRAGAGLIA PRODUTTORE BACCHE DI GOJIis a farm located in the heart of the Maremma Grossetana. The Bragaglia family is one of the pioneers of goji berry plantations in Italy. The farm produces 100% Goji berries and 60% mixtures of Goji berries and 40% fresh fruit available according to the ripening season. Goji berries, for some […]