Direct sale Lazio oil

vendita_diretta_olio_lazio_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Lazio oil is a prerogative of the Lazio oil mills and mills in the Lazio region. This sale takes place directly at the Lazio mills and Lazio oil mills by directing them directly to buy this great oil. The Lazio oil producers have in recent years a new sales system for those who can not go with them to make purchases. That's why we wanted to give room for direct sale Lazio oil and Lazio oil online sale.


The online sale Lazio oil does not always happen under the same conditions as direct sale Lazio oil takes place. If Lazio online oil sale are on producer Lazio oil's sites, it's exactly the same as direct sale, but if it's on other sites, that thing changes. Many e-commerce sites have been born in recent years with the aim of helping producers sell their products behind a brokerage commission. This brokerage sometimes comes to 50% of the cost of the product. As a result, this cost is reflected in part by producers and partly by consumers. With direct sale Lazio oil online there are no brokerage costs.

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