Direct sale lentils Altamura

vendita_diretta_lenticchie_altamuraThe direct sale lentils Altamura is exclusively dedicated to Altamura lentils producers. Altamura lentil has the peculiarity of being the lentil with lower sodium content, so it is great for subjects with hypertension or with pathologies related to the kidneys. This lentil is cooked in less than 30 minutes and does not bake and leaves the baking water clear. In this way all its nutrients remain in it and do not disperse.


The Altamura lentil online sale is not always the same as the direct sale Altamura lentils as we understand it. Direct selling is that sale without any brokering that happens when you go from Altamura lentil producers to buy only lentils that can now be done online from your home. The direct sale Altamura lentils and the online sale Altamura lentils are the same thing, that is, without intermediation, if these occur at the websites of Altamura lentil producers and if the sale takes place at other sites it changes. Minute change is required for a percentage for brokerage that sometimes reaches 50% of the cost of the product. With our direct sale Altamura lentils, Altamura lentils producers can sell at no cost.

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA LA VALLE NEL PARCO is located in Altamura and is renowned for the production of legumes. The Valley in the Park became the guardian of a biodiversity that was in danger of disappearing. The Pietro Cifarelli farm is considered a leading production company among legume producers. In this regard, it is a valid […]