Direct sale Lombardia oil

vendita_diretta_olio_lombardia_italy_eat_foodWe have created the direct sale Lombardia oil to make known the Lombardy oil mills, the Lombardy oil producers and to be able to land to the online sale Lombardy oil. In Lombardy, especially in the Garda area, a lot of oil and excellent quality are produced. We will also explain the difference between the direct sale Lombardy oil and the online sale Lombardy oil.


The direct sale is intended as that sale that occurs between the Lombardy oil producers or Lombardy oil mills and the consumers without intermediation. This direct sale on this site can also be called online sale oil Lombardia. The online sale Lombardy oil made on the sites of the oil mills in Lombardy is the same thing. That is a sale without intermediaries. But if this online sale oil Lombardy takes place outside these sites the situation is different. It is different because they ask for a percentage on sales. These costs automatically fall on both the Lombardy oil producers and consumers. On this site both the online sale Lombardy oil and the direct sale Lombardy oil do not require intermediation percentages.

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