Direct sale Marche oil

vendita_diretta_olio_marche_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Marche oil now takes place in many oil mills throughout the region. For direct selling oil Marche we here intend to sell online directly not the classic sale that takes place in the Marche oil mills and oil mills. This way of selling is the classic way, meaning a customer goes straight to the mall and buys the oil.


In this case, we intend to buy directly from the oil mill or mill in the Marche from your home. But under the same conditions you would go directly into place. Without any brokering, you are guaranteed a high quality extra virgin olive oil Marche at fair prices. Our intention is to make contact with producer and consumer even remotely enhancing and preserving our Made in Italy.

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    FRANTOIO DEL TRIONFO PESARO URBINO rises in Cartoceto in an ancient medieval village. Active since 1660 and overlooks the Valle del Metauro in a scenery of gentle and green hillside and mountain slopes. They extend to the sea of Fano. Here is produced extra-virgin olive oil Dop Cartoceto, according to the traditional method known as the […]