Direct sale Raboso

vendita_diretta_raboso_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Raboso is that sale that takes place directly between producers Raboso and consumers without intermediaries. The sale you will find in this section is the same but happens online. The same is true of this site when it comes to online sale Raboso. We believe this is a good innovation that allows greater survival for the Raboso producers and more cost-conscious consumers.


Online sale Raboso is not always the same as direct sale of Raboso unless it is on the sites of Raboso producers. For us, we are the same since we do not require any commissions for brokering. On the online sale Raboso on other sites, a percentage for the brokerage is applied, which is consequently falling on the producers Raboso and consumers. In our direct sale Raboso this does not happen. We believe this section can help you easily find both producers and this great wine.

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    BACCICHETTO VINI known wine producer for the production of Prosecco and Piave wines. A company that has always aimed at producing quality grapes. The grapes grown in the 25 hectares of land are located in Roncadelle in the province of Treviso and Rivarotta in the province of Pordenone. Here we use modern vineyards with Sylvoz […]