Direct sale Sangiovese di Romagna

vendita_diretta_sangiovese_di_romagna_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale Sangiovese di Romagna is dedicated to all the best Sangiovese producers of Romagna located in Emilia Romagna. Important wine produced in this region also exists produced by organic Emilian wineries. In this case you will find it anaerated in the section dedicated to organic Sangiovese di Romagna producers. In this section we will deal with the Sangiovese di Romagna producers and the Sangiovese sale of Romagna.


For direct sale Sangiovese di Romagna means that sale when you go to one of the cellars of the Sangiovese producers of Romagna to buy wine. A sale without steps or intermediation. This sale can now also be done online and on this site we call it both Sangiovese di Romagna online sale and Sangiovese di Romagna direct sale. The online sale Sangiovese di Romagna that takes place on the sites of the Sangiovese of Romagna producers is the same thing because there are no commissions or percentages. The online sale Sangiovese di Romagna that instead found on other sites is very different. Percentages on mediation are applied here. Consequently, these costs fall on both Sangiovese di Romagna producers and consumers. With our direct sale Sangiovese di Romagna it is exactly as if you bought directly from the producer.

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