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vendita_diretta_lumache_italy_eat_foodDirect sale snails comes from a great need: Where to buy snails? Snails are a food highly sought after by those who appreciate it and very often find it difficult to find them. Very often when they are found it falls at very high prices because it is considered a food with great difficulty in obtaining.


For this reason we have created the direct snails sales section or online sale snails. In this way, the snail breeder is contacted directly with the final consumer, thus obtaining favorable prices for both parties. On the one hand the producer should not feel forced to drastically reduce margins by entrusting the product to intermediaries. On the other hand, the consumer can buy a product at a fair price without further recharge. We believe that this system can help make survival for Made in Italy.

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    LUMACA BAIATA is a Sicilian company that raises snails of the species Helix Aspersa Muller. In the silence of nature and a few hundred meters from Lake Rubino stands the company where snails grow, which feed naturally. The company’s snail breeding is biological and consequently all the food given to the snails is strictly biological. […]