Direct sale typical tuscany products

vendita_diretta_prodotti_tipici_toscani_italy_eat_foodThe direct sale typical tuscany products offers the user the opportunity to directly access the Tuscan producer and buy typical products that are very often difficult to find in their area. Tuscany is a region rich in culinary tradition, a cuisine based on poor elements but who have been able to elaborate and obtain important dishes of Italian cuisine. Now many typical Tuscan products are available in this section.


With the creation of this special section we want to give the opportunity to contact the producer and consumer without any brokering. We would like to emphasize this because, unlike many e-commerce, in this way the price of typical Tuscan products becomes truly appealing to both the producer and the consumer. With the section direct sales typical tuscany products we believe that we can make a real contribution to the preservation of our made in Italy.

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