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The direct sale wine from Italian wineries is an area within the portal Italy EAT food devoted to countless Italian wineries that propose to sell directly to the public. Inside you will find all sorts of wine divided so that you can refine your search. In addition to direct wine sales, the name we have given to this section, you will also find direct sales of distilled liquors. This will make the search of the end user simpler and do not create endless search categories. We have thought to incorporate these new sections to offer many benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. Producers will be able to make their wines known throughout the world, consumers will know and taste many wines so far unknown and appreciated.


There are many Italian wine producers present in the portal who can be contacted for their wines but for direct sale wine from Italian wineries you will find only those who have decided to directly sell online wine.

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    ANTICHE CANTINE NECCIA is located in Via Vado Oscuro 17 at Piglio in provincia di Frosinone, family run farm located on a hilly area, which was born around 1950, activities that work in agriculture using ancient traditional methods handed down for three generations from father to son. Antiche Cantine Neccia satisfy all those who want to […]