Direct sales from olive mills

vendita_diretta_da_oleificio_italy_eat_foodWe have developed the section direct sales from olive mills to offer the possibility to contact Italian oil mills and Italian crushers with the consumer. Our intent is to help both the consumer and the producer. On the one hand, the oil mill has the ability to sell its own quality oil to the consumer without being subject to "capestro" prices that large distribution imposes and on the other to offer the consumer a quality oil at fair prices.


Italian olive oil mills and olive oil mills offer in addition to direct sales from olive mills the sale of derived products such as olives, olives and other preserved olives. All this aims to preserve Italian olive production and even more Italian food quality.

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    ANTICHE CANTINE NECCIA is located in Via Vado Oscuro 17 at Piglio in provincia di Frosinone, family run farm located on a hilly area, which was born around 1950, activities that work in agriculture using ancient traditional methods handed down for three generations from father to son. Antiche Cantine Neccia satisfy all those who want to […]