Direct sales Liguria oil

vendita_diretta_olio_liguriaDirect sales Liguria oil has been specially created to create a direct line between Liguria oil mills and mills with the consumer. Much is spoken about online sales but who does not own and does not sell through their site should expose them to other ecommerce. This means brokerage costs that are automatically paid off on the producer and partly on the consumer.


We creating this section within Italy EAT food want to save this both to the producer and the consumer, thus guaranteeing more survival to the producers and saving the consumer. We recall that the Liguria oil direct sales system can be a great innovative system for preserve and safeguard the true made in Italy

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    13OLIO NOVARO is a company that represents a family tradition of great value in olive oil clothing. The olive oil company is known in our territory and not only because of the high quality of the oils produced. In fact it is among the best Italian oil mills. The Novaro family, starting from 1860, has […]