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Donkey milk producersThe donkey milk producers are concerned with the donkey milk that is produced in special farms. This milk is a valuable food in the diet of children with severe allergy problems in the normal eating cow's milk, goat and sheep. The donkey milk is very similar presents for biochemical profile to breast milk, recently collecting some interest pediatric feeding. Many are the breeding sprung up in recent years of donkeys. These apart from being a good source of meat is a great source of this milk with multiple properties. It is widespread use during breastfeeding of children giving birth to the question: "Where do I buy the donkey's milk? "For this reason we have created a special section within the portal. We want to provide a list of all the most reliable milk producers donkey in Italy.

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA PAVAGLIONE dedicated to the breeding of donkey. It is located in via Trezzo Tinella in San Bovo di Castino, province of Cuneo. In the small village from which it takes its name. One of the best farms in the Piedmont. Which is spread over an area of ten hectares of land divided between […]