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Food distributorsFood distributors divided by subcategories, can be producers themselves dealing with the distribution of their own products or companies in collaboration with the producers themselves are responsible for distribution. In this category of distribution of food products include those activities that are directed to foreign markets.

The Italian products and typical Italian products are items in great demand throughout the country and abroad. The food distributors also directs the distribution food products for catering. This distribution on Italian territory is very widespread. This can devote to large retailers, the online grocery wholesalers and to a widespread distribution as delivered straight to your door. Among these recenemente emerged a company named Cortilia that created a distribution of goods for KM 0 directly delivering at home.


Many other forms of food distribution takes place on the Italian territory, here falls the category of foodstuffs wholesalers that after having bought from the manufacturer to distribute operators or supermarkets so as to ensure a fresh product and quality on our tables.

Obviously, this distribution is both fresh and frozen product than canned. So are those who guarantee us the food on our tables.

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