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Grain producersGrain producers,  Italian grain producers who produce wheat in Italy, many farmers have lately directed to organic cultivation of wheat.

Wheat since ancient times is one of the most important forms of nutrition for humans. This, also called wheat differs in durum and soft wheat. The difference lies in the type of grain and the uses that they make.

The wheat flour are used for bread making, for the production of fresh pasta or vacuum. With these also produces biscuits, cakes and other baked products. But with groats, obtained from wheat, other foods are produced. For example, dried pasta and some bread, famous is the bread of Altamura.

The flour is composed mainly of starch, gluten and also dextrin, and sugars. For this it is a prohibitive product for celiac. In this regard we have been created food gluten-free lines.

Italy produces every year about eight million tons of wheat. The largest area in Italy in terms of grain production is the province of Foggia, known as the Granary of Italy.

Producers Italian wheat are only able to produce 8 million tons of wheat the other 50% of our needs, we are forced to import it.

The production of Italian grain is very difficult to protect as Made in Italy given that Italy produces just over 50% of its total needs.

In fact, we import about 50% wheat and 40% of wheat to meet our needs. In any case, we have so many manufacturers Italian grain with care and passion cultivate this important cereal. Some risk of importing wheat with traces of pesticides or mycotoxins there but we can not do otherwise for our needs. Obviously we in this section we will give space to producers Italian wheat.

Very hard in this area to guarantee 100% the consumer on what bring to the table. We have only one suggestion about. To buy bread or pasta products with wheat of Italian origin. This can only be done by choosing products Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), or brands that clearly state that they only use Italian wheat.

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    AZIENDA RIBOLI is located in Nembro, a village located in the province of Bergamo. The company is known and specialized in the processing of whole grain flours, bakery products and biscuits. A company able to guarantee a 100% Italian product, as the raw materials used are entirely produced and cultivated in the land owned. The […]

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA FILOSINI produces fine vegetables and legumes, such as beans in different types, Capitignano chickpeas, spelled and finally corn quarantino. It is located in Ville Di Fano in the town of Montereale in the province of L’Aquila. The Filosini company grows excellent Capitano chickpeas. This is a traditional agricultural product of the Abruzzo region. […]

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    PRODOTTI BIOLOGICI BETTINI BIO NORCIA is specialized in the cultivation and production of lentils notes of Castelluccio di Norcia IGP biological. Cereals, legumes and organic products from Umbria. In this pristine environment for centuries, in the heart of the National Park and at the foot of Mount Carrier, one cultivates this little legume. At 1500 […]

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    PRODOTTI TIPICI ITALIANI GRANO DEL RE is a renowned Italian company carefully selects the best raw materials. In this regard, it uses only natural ingredients as well as genuine Italian and 100%. The everything worked wisely according to traditional techniques. Grano del Re is synonymous with top-quality feed. The goal of typical italian products Grano del […]