Hazelnuts producers

vendita_diretta_nocciole_italy_eat_foodHazelnuts producers are part of the Italian dry fruit producers section as this fruit is preserved dry. Most hazelnut producers are in the Piedmont region and these deal with direct sale hazelnuts as well as hazelnut online sales. Hazelnuts are a fruit of high protein value and easy to preserve for a long time.


In this section devoted to hazelnuts producers we also want to give way to selling hazelnuts that takes place as a direct sale of hazelnuts and online sale hazelnuts. Hazelnuts online sale is very much the same thing as direct sales if it happens in the hazelnut producers websites. If this sale occurs on other sites, the thing may change. Change the price for the commissions that hazelnuts producers have to pay for broking the hazelnuts. Cost that falls partly on producers and partly on consumers. With direct sale hazelnut online this does not happen.

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA BARBERIS is located in a very suggestive area of the town of Cortemilla, in a small village in the Langhe. The wine produced by the Barberis farm is obtained exclusively from the corporate grapes. Vineyards grown on the farm are muscat, dolcetto, chardonnay, barbera and merlot.    The farm Barberis is located in […]