Honey producers

Honey producersList of the most renowned Italian honey producers shared by regions and provinces; This is the purpose of this classification. In Italy we have many honey producers scattered on our territories. These are great apiculture and small. These producers of honey and derivatives with their care and dedication cater to an audience that has chosen to feed with healthy products. Unlike the retail these producers honey passionately raise their bees. From these they collect this valuable product: honey. They are virtually endless varieties of honeys that come with either a unique taste and with the mixture of some of these. Always looking to create new flavors and aromas. Artisans and small producers honey as it previously said carefully created these blends to meet every need.

Their steadfast attention is to keep alive the commitment to create a healthy and natural product. These Italian beekeepers are loyal and that they create is without adding very often unhealthy substances for the body.

In addition to this valuable product that bees produce there are taken from their work. Even those we group them in this section of the production of Italian dealing beekeepers.

The work of Italian honey producers basically consists in providing shelter to the bees and care and cherish them in their development. As trade from this activity producer collects a fair share of their product. That derived consisting of: honey, pollen, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis and venom.

The work that the honey producers daily place to safeguard these precious insects is really commendable. We are ensuring the future of this planet.

Royal jelly has a high nutritional value than honey. Propolis instead is a resinous substance that bees extract from the buds and bark of plants. It 'a substance of plant origin that bees process with the addition of wax, pollen and enzymes produced by their own body. Propolis is used by man for its properties. These are the properties: antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral, anesthetic healing, antiseptic and immune-stimulating. Bee venom after being extracted is used as a cure for rheumatism and joint pain. Also this poison is used to desensitize people to insect bites. The work that the producers honey daily place to safeguard these precious insects is really commendable. We are ensuring the future of this planet.

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