Italian fishmongers

Italian fishmongersThe Italian fishmongers are shops specializing in the sale of fish and fish products. In these activities you can also find frozen fish as well as the fresh one. Wide range of molluscs, crustaceans, sliced ​​fish like swordfish and salmon fish, etc. In certain locations in Italy the seller is called fishmonger or fishmonger. Sometimes the fish shops are located within markets. Other times even specialized markets only fish they gave the name to city districts. The fish market or fish market on the other hand is a market where it sells fish and other marine products. Can be wholesale or retail, it often happens that the fishmongers sourcing in these places and then to retail in their resale point.

Italy being the land of the sea, almost all regions are wet from the sea, it is very rich in fish and this has led to a flourishing trade in fish products. In Italian fishmongers you will find both freshwater fish that saltwater. Of course, the predominant type of fish will be based on where they are placed this business.

Fresh fish of the Italian fishmongers is very important in nutrition and is part of the famous Mediterranean diet.

The Italian fish markets as well as being a source of supply of fresh fish for the consumer are also for retailers and restaurateurs. Many caterers will cater to these places to ensure fresh fish daily in their restaurants. So it is becoming increasingly popular fish restaurants.

The Southern Italy are widespread fishmongers who become too fast or places of street food. Or they are places where the sale takes place the fresh fish and the same space, there's also the possibility to consume it. You choose the fish you want to eat and this is freshly cooked. This then can be eaten on tables many times improvised street or in cones. We find very distinctive eating fresh fish directly from the fish market.

In this way you will truly be sure of what you eat.

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