Italian peppers producers

Manufacturers Italian peppersList of all Italian peppers producers. A simple guide that allows the consumer to choose their own farm. In order to know where you can replenish peppers.

This section is also dedicated to put in communication the producer with the final consumer. All this in order to guarantee to the latter a quality product.


You will learn about the farms on the Italian territory and thus make you a idea of what you buy and where you buy it. Within each mini-farm you will have all the contact details for their contact. You can collect all the information that you require for your choice.

Manufacturers Italian peppers are those producers who have dedicated their land in whole or part to the pepper cultivation. Fruit with the highest content of vitamin C.

You can find red peppers, green and yellow, and finally even those spicy.

The peppers are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

In Italian cuisine we do extensive use of peppers and not always these are coming from our land but rather from neighboring countries such as Spain or Greece or even overseas. Here in Italy we produce excellent peppers, this due to our rich land, to our great sun and to our climate. Sometimes we are forced to make do by finding in supermarkets peppers from other nations. The purpose for which we do this is this is to give the opportunity to the consumer to eat true Italian. As we said before the bell pepper is a very healthy vegetable, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants it is part of Mediterranean cuisine. The pepper comes from the producers Italian peppers can be eaten raw in vinaigrettes or cooked in many ways. Thanks to its versatility was introduced in countless dishes giving flavor and color to each of these. I finally peppers are typical summer vegetables. Just in the summer you will find a large supply of these vegetables. In winter you can also find them but will definitely greenhouse products.

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    OP COPLA PRODUTTORI ORTAGGI ITALIANI cultivates vegetables by guaranteeing the quality and health of the same. Fruit and vegetable production meets the national market through wholesale markets as well as organized and retail distribution. In addition, it enhances fruit and vegetable production internationally.       The consorzio C.O.P.LA. Was born in 1965 as a consortium […]

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA ROCCA is run a family business with a ten-year tradition in the cultivation of the fields. Specialized in the processing of products using traditional recipes. One of the best farms of Lazio located in via Campovezzuni in Badia di Esperia, in the province of Frosinone. From the seed to the product ready to […]

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA GANAZZOLI was founded as an agricultural-cattle farm in via Fontanella in Mezzani, in the province of Parma where he currently is devoted to forage production. It distinguishes between the Emilia Romagna farms for its production of Parmesan cheese, corn and sweet corn as well as for the excellent Italian fruit and vegetables. From […]