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Italian pizzerieList of all the Italian pizzerie, a guide divided by cities and regions. Pizzerie in Italy offer the consumer a great alternative to the classic food, a real alternative to a meal.

The pizzeria are tens of thousands on Italian territory this for a myriad of reasons. The main reason is that the pizza is good and is loved by all ages. You can go out with friends and go to a pizzeria, a pleasant evening and at the end when the bill does not have a meltdown. Do not you ever tire of eating the pizza because they never find an equal to the other, from the ingredients to the pasta and yeast for baking.

The pizza is definitely a global phenomenon. In our italian pizzerie you will get the best.

The pizza is definitely one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world, you will find pizzerias even in the most remote places on the planet.

The most famous is certainly the Neapolitan pizza, the place where this delicacy is born but other variants are equally good. You can find classic round pizza can be baked in an electric furnace or better yet in wood ovens. Another great pizza is baked in round pans always with electric oven or wood that is served in slices.

Let us not forget the various kiosks scattered throughout the area that offer pizza by the slice, which are rectangular pans of pizza from which are cut slices. This also falls into the category fast food or street food that can be consumed even on the street. Famous is pizza in the portfolio that can be found in Naples.

Whatever you want to see the Italian pizzerias are definitely a phenomenon that has spread around the world.

The classic combinations, consuming a good pizza at a pizza, have beer or sodas. In fact in many pizzerias you will find a wide choice of beers to accompany the pizza.

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    TRATTORIA PIZZERIA DA DIEGO born in via Giacomo Matteotti in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, in the province of Brescia in October 2000, a few steps from the historic center of the town. This venue run by Diego and his wife with the help of its collaboratoti undertake every day to ensure every customer the highest quality. Thanks […]

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    TRATTORIA PIZZERIA CROCE BIANCA awaits you in via Matteotti in Nozza di Vestone in the province of Brescia. In a cozy setting in which encloses a hundred years of history and experience. One of the best Brescia typical restaurants. Restaurant in which, besides enjoying the goodness of the dishes. You can also taste the fine wines […]