Italians salt producers

italians salt producersList of all italians salt producers. Italy has a lot of coastline and located in all the coasts there are salt pans that produce great rooms.

Since ancient times the salt pans have been a very important place for the production of salt. The rooms had very important functions besides giving flavor to foods. The salt was used for the preservation of foods having no other systems to do so.

The salt marshes of the Italian salt producers are found in all regions of the sea in Italy. You find small and others that produce salt for large retailers.


Once salt was collected by creating pools of water to the sea. After the water evaporates the salt was collected. Today they use very advanced techniques.

There are many throughout Italy disused salt where the salt producers Italians once they gathered.

The salt is a vital element for man. And thanks to italians salt producers  that this element is always at our disposal.

These areas have become brackish areas where birds go to get food and to spend the winter.

To date remained practically only four areas in Italy where the Italian industrial salt manufacturers produce salt. These are: Antioco, Trapani, S.Margerita of Savoy and Cervia.

The salt as previously said since ancient times is a very important element for humans.

It was and is used in the preservation of foods. Used in tanning.

It used to defrost roads. As an antibacterial. Finally in glassworks and in chemistry.

To finish this description on the Italian salt producers must mention that the salt is not only collected at sea.

The salt is collected and produced even in the mountains, in the famous salt mines where it collects the salt. The largest deposits of rock salt in Italy is in these regions: Tuscany, Calabria and Sicily.

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