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Manufacturers licoriceList of all the Italian licorice producers. They are liquorice Manufacturers who produce it in various forms from the raw to the processed into different types.

Licorice in addition to being pleasant to taste owns many properties that are valued in the Italian herbalists and Chinese medicine. It is also used in the preparation of sweets, candies and teas. Finally licorice is used as an additive together with the cocoa in cigarettes.

We said that the licorice root is used in herbal medicine and in Chinese medicine for its properties. It is believed that this root has digestive, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and diuretic. All these are the properties that are attributed to the licorice root licorice that producers are able to extract.


As regards the leaves of licorice are attributed other properties such as antiulcer, refreshing and emollient.

The Italian licorice producers sell this product in various shapes and packaging. Among these you can find on the market licorice in chewing sticks in logs, shredded decoctions or powders. Wide use made of it in Calabria in the form of infusion against coughs.

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