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produttori_vini_liguria_italy_eat_foodThis section is dedicated to Liguria wine producers. Since Liguria is a predominantly hilly and mountainous region, the production of wines is quite varied. In this section we will devote ourselves to the Liguria wine producers and the Liguria wines sale typlogies. All this will be done by dedicating adequate space to each individual wine we will find in this region.


Within the portal we want to give space to every single Ligurian wine both for the online sale Liguria wines and the direct sale Liguria wines. These two sales are not always the same. The direct sale is the sale that occurs between producers of Ligurian wines and consumers without intermediation. Now you can do it online. The Liguria online sale wine if it happens on the websites of the Liguria wine producers is the same as the direct sale Liguria wines. But if this sale takes place on different sites, the situation is different. It is different because these e-commerce sites require a percentage for intemediation. This percentage automatically falls on both Ligurian wine producers and consumers. When inside this site you will find the various sections dedicated to the direct sale Liguria wines, know that intermediation fees are not required.

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    CASCINA FEIPU DEI MASSARETTI is one of the most renowned wineries in Liguria, since over 40 years produces wines including the best Pigato Ligure. The Pigato Massaretti is a white wine, typically Ligurian and highly appreciated by expert oenologists. The Cascina Feipu winery was founded in 1965 and here the first Pigato grapevine plant was created. […]