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produttori_marzemino_italy_eat_foodThe Marzemino producers are predominantly concentrated in a Trentino region called Vallagarina, an area that includes Rovereto and its surroundings, south of Trento. The Marzemino is an autochthonous grape of Trentino. As we have anticipated in the Trentino wine producers section we want to give space to every single wine produced in Trentino, in this case to the producers of Marzemino to make it easier for you to find all the wines you want.


For the Marzemino producers we also reserve the Marzemino sales section that is diveded in online sale Marzemino and Marzemino direct sale and we are going to explain the differences. Marzemino direct sale is the same thing as the sale that took place when we went to the producers of Marzemino del Trentino to buy the wine without any brokering that can now be performed comfortably from home online. The Marzemino online sale is the same as the Marzemino direct sale if this sale is made on the sites of the producers of Marzemino. If made on other sites, the price may fluctuate because of the cost of brokering applied to both Marzemino producers and consumers. With our direct sale Marzemino the Marzemino producers can sell their wine without brokering costs.

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    SPAGNOLLI VINI TRENTINI, a winery that produces about 85,000 bottles a year. A small production of classic Sparkling wine. The great passion for this work, the cellar Spagnolli, has been received by Father Henry and his grandfather, who has always worked in the wine sector. For the Spagnolli winery, good wine begins with the vineyard. […]