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Natural supplementsNatural supplements are those manufacturers that produce supplements or vitamins, amino acids, proteins, herbs, extracts. These supplements can be in the form of powder, liquid or in capsules or in tablets.

There are many types of supplements. We can find on the market in home-made natural supplements, sports supplements, natural food supplements for muscles and others. In this category are also natural sexual supplements.

All these supplements are distributed in several forms, in tablets, powder in vials and infusions for better absorption.

We have to be careful what we take in these cases and verify the contents and the companies that market these products. Many are suddenly in recent years by offering supplements for muscle, sex and diet that have brought more harm than good.

For this we want to put in this portal only companies or manufacturers or distribuisocno who have a real traceability.

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    MADRE NATURA is located in Via Colombo in Marina Di Massa in the province of Massa and Carrara, it is an organic shop where you can find many natural food such as organic products, products for vegans and gluten-free products such as pasta, bread and snacks, also you can find products for diet and macrobiotic. […]