Nocellara of Etna direct sale

vendita_diretta_nocellara_dell_etna_italy_eat_foodThe Nocellara of Etna direct sale takes place through the Sicilian oil mills that produce this typical Sicilian cultivar. A light fruity oil that has obtained the DOP certification for its uniqueness. This is the section dedicated to the producers of Etna Nocellara and the various types of Nocellara Etna sale to give awareness to the user of the products that are found on the Internet and understand the differences.


For direct sale of Nocellara dell'Etna we mean the direct sale that occurs when you go to the oil mills in Sicily to buy the oil of this Monocultivar of Etna. Now this sale without intermediation can also take place in ItalyEATfood from the comfort of home .. The online sale of Etna Nocellara that you find on the sites of the producers of Etna Nocellara is the same as it is not subject to intermediation. But when the Nocellara online sale Nocellara of Etna takes place on other sites, the situation is rather different. It is different because in these sites a percentage is required for intermediation. Consequently, these costs fall on both the Nocellara dell'Etna producers and consumers. In this site both the Nocellara dell'Etna direct sale and the Nocellara of Etna online sale are not subject to price change because we do not require any intermediation.

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