Online sale Cabernet Sauvignon

online_sale_cabernet_sauvignomnThe online sale Cabernet Sauvignon is a type of sale that Cabernet Sauvignon producers have been applying for a few years to spread this precious Tuscan wine. With the advent of the Internet this shopping practice is becoming more and more popular as it offers the opportunity to reach an ever-wider public.


The online sale of Cabernet Sauvignon is not always the same as the Cabernet Sauvignon direct online sale. For direct online sales we mean exactly direct sales as it was once when you went from the manufacturer to buy the products. The only difference is that this is done comfortably from home without any brokering. The online sale Cabernet Sauvignon is the same if this sale takes place on the e-commerce site owned by the same manufacturer. If instead this sale takes place through an external ecommerce, the situation changes. The creation of these ecommerce is done to find the products, these have the advertising costs that pay the producers in the form of brokering. These costs are consequently reflected on both producer and consumer. With our direct online Cabernet Sauvignon sale this does not happen.

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    AGRICOLA I VITI, a passed passion of generation to generation. The cellar rises to Centoia. A fraction of Cortona, the city of which it also recognizes the importance of wine production.   In the 1950s, Pietro Viti and his son Lidio acquired an estate in the Cortona region, thus giving rise to agricultural activity. Sixty […]