Producers snails for gastronomy

produttori_lumache_da_gastronomia_italy_eat_foodThe producers snails for gastronomy produce and breed snails for gastronomy to be consumed in both domestic and public catering. Many are the lands in Italy that have recently been converted to the production of gastronomic snails due to the great demand of this product. Within the portal you will find sections dedicated to the online sale snail for gastronomy and snails producers for gastronomy.


The online sale snails for gastronomy is a type of sale that the producers snails for gastronomy are addressed in order to satisfy even buyers far from the production area. The online sale snails for gastronomy that we deal with here is a sale that takes place between producers snails for gastronomy and consumers without any intermediation or added costs. The same online sale snails for gastronomy that the producers themselves propose through their sites. The online sale snails for gastronomy if it takes place on non-snail producers for gastronomy' sites is different because they apply costs of intermediation that are not present here. The same thing happens on the sites of the snails for gastronomy producers.

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    LUMACA BAIATA is a Sicilian company that raises snails of the species Helix Aspersa Muller. In the silence of nature and a few hundred meters from Lake Rubino stands the company where snails grow, which feed naturally. The company’s snail breeding is biological and consequently all the food given to the snails is strictly biological. […]