Prosecco Valdobbiadene online sale

PROSECCO_VALDOBBIADENE_ONLINE_SALE _italy_eat_foodThe Prosecco Valdobbiadene online sale is dedicated to Prosecco producers and differs from Prosecco direct sales, a category already present in the portal. Prosecco producers often create online sales on their site, in this case they are selling directly to each other and consumers without any brokering. In this case, this Prosecco online sale is the same as our Prosecco direct sales. When the situation is presented in this way we connect its showcase directly to its e-commerce so that the user can find the products they want.


If Prosecco producer does not have its own online shopping cart the situation changes. By relying on external e-commerce very often the price of Prosecco itself changes from that of direct sales because it is subject to brokerage. Intermediation that sometimes reaches 50% of the cost of production. This cost is therefore reflected both on producer and consumer. With our direct online sale this does not happen: the consumer buys directly from Prosecco producers without intermediaries.

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    VINI ZAGHIS VINI BIANCHI VENETI produces Venetian wines through the cultivation of native vines. Wines Zaghis brings on the tables of great thickness and exceptional reach, capable of supporting the dishes as well as making them more tasty and elegant. Wine is an art and Cantina Zaghis knows that the harmony between these two elements […]