Riesling Oltrepo direct sale

vendita_diretta_riesling_oltrepo_italy_eat_foodThe Riesling Oltrepo direct sale are made by producers Riesling Oltrepo who have their own farms in the area called Oltrepo Pavese in Lombardy. This sale is part of the large family of Lombardy wines online sale. Here we will deal with the sale of Riesling Oltrepo and Riesling Oltrepo producers as we did for the producers Pinot Nero Oltrepo and for the producers Bonarda Oltrepo.


As direct sale Riesling Oltrepo we mean the sale that takes place between producers Riesling Oltrepo and consumers without any passage or intermediation. We here also call this sale online sale Riesling Oltrepo but out of this site presents some differences. The Riesling Oltrepo online sale if it takes place on the Riesling Oltrepo producers' websites is the same thing as direct sales, ie a sale without any intermediation. but if this this Riesling Oltrepo online sale takes place on other sites the thing is different. The reason is different is that these sites apply a cost of mediation that affects both the producers Riesling Oltrepo and consumers. With the direct Riesling Oltrepo sale that you find on this site, the price of Riesling Oltrepo remains unchanged from the producers' price as there is no intermediation percentage.

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    VINI CASARINI produces with great passion and respecting the land of its own vines, white, red and sparkling wines from Oltrepò Pavese. The company has been present on the territory of Borgoratto Mormorolo for 150 years and covers an area of ​​14 hectares with vineyards of the best quality. Valentino and Rosanna are the current […]