Sangue di Giuda direct sale

vendita_diretta_sangue_di_giuda_italy_eat_foodThe Sangue di Giuda direct sale takes place in the cellars of the Sangue di Giuda producers in the Oltrepò Pavese area. The Sangue di Giuda is a sparkling red wine that is recommended to drink at a young age of no more than three years of age. Excellent wine to make sangrie. In this section we will deal with both the Sangue di Giuda Oltrepò Pavese producers and the Sangue di Giuda sale both direct and online.


Sangue di Giuda online sale is not always the same thing as direct selling as it presents some differences. The direct sale Sangue di Giuda, as commonly understood, is the sale that takes place directly between the producers of Sangue di Giuda and consumers without any intermediation or commission. This sale can now also take place online through this site. The online sale of Blood of Juda that takes place on the sites of the producers of Blood of Judah is the same thing as no commissions or additional costs are applied. But if this sale takes place on sites that are not producers of Sangue di Giuda, the sitation definitely changes. Change because percentages are requested on intermediation. This consequently falls on both the Sangue di Giuda producers and consumers. With the online sale of Blood of Judah, which here we call direct sale Blood of Judah, it is possible to offer lower costs without harming the producers of the Blood of Judah and consumers.

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