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Manufacturers snailsSnails producers are farms and Italian farmers who breed and produce snails for food.

Snails are an increasingly popular food in Italian kitchens and around the world. These are cooked the various ways giving way to fantasies of star chef. The demand is always growing of snails mainly from the Italian market, French and Spanish.


Given the high profitability of these farms in recent years are many lots to meet the major demands of restaurants, catering, festivals and more. If you think you are being sold at around 12 euro per kilo activity bodes well.

In addition to these snails you are obtained cosmetics, famous is the use of slime snails in creating very moisturizers and healing.


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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA LA LUMACA PANNESINA is located on Strada Provinciale in the zona CarnĂ  in Lumarzo in the province of Genoa. One of the best farms in Liguria born from the passion and the will of Stephen Pratali to grow vegetables and fruits in their own. For this idea Stefano decided to purchase additional land […]

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    LUMACA BAIATA is a Sicilian company that raises snails of the species Helix Aspersa Muller. In the silence of nature and a few hundred meters from Lake Rubino stands the company where snails grow, which feed naturally. The company’s snail breeding is biological and consequently all the food given to the snails is strictly biological. […]