Stracchino Gleno direct sale

vendita_diretta_stracchino_italy_eat_foodStracchino Gleno direct sale are generally made in the Bergamo dairies. Now this sale is also online. In this section we will explain the various differences in Stracchino Gleno online sale made by the Stracchino Gleno producers. Direct sale means that sale between Stracchino Gleno producers and consumers without any intermediation. Now this sale can also take place online.


Stracchino Gleno online sale is the same as direct sale without intermediaries if it happens on the Stracchino Gleno producers' websites. However, if this Stracchino Gleno online sale takes place through other websites, the situation is very different. It is different because these sites ask for a percentage on sales. This required percentage sometimes reaches 50% of the cost produced. This cost should therefore be paid to both the Stracchino Gleno producers and consumers. In the direct sale Stracchino Gleno or online sale Stracchino Gleno in this site there are no intermediation costs.

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    LATTERIA SOCIALE MONTANA is located in Vilmaggiore in the lush Valle di Scalve, which is located in the province of Bergamo. Here is produced the well known Val di Scalve cheese, as well as the tasty Stocchi di Scalve. An artisanal production of cheese that began in 1968. When we speak about an unique cheese, genuine and […]